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The Journey to Change Continues

Summer is for flip flops (Rainbows, of course), ice cream treats (of the #creamnation variety), beach trips (to the one and only Santa Cruz), and the Breathe summer reading plan! This summer, a bunch of us decided NOT to take a break from pursuing God, but instead to be intentional to link arms and grow together.

Our Journey to Change reading plan was a great experience! I looked forward to waking up every morning to a fresh devotional to read and some questions to consider. And the best part was gathering with a group of ladies once a week to discuss some of the reading. I love summer Life Groups because I always seem to end up with a group of ladies I don’t know very well, and by the end of the group I have a whole new set of friends! For those of you who joined the Journey to Change summer experience, I’m glad you were a part!

One morning I woke up and pulled up the Breathe blog, excited to read my next devotional. But then, sadly, I realized the reading plan was over. It was the same feeling I get when I run out of shows in my current Netflix series. A show-hole can drive ya mad, right?

But instead of just closing the computer and going about my day, I opened my Bible, chose a book, and got to work. ‘Cause here’s the thing: I refuse to ever let myself get in a “devotional-hole”. It’s not gonna happen to me. There are too many resources and reading plans and awesome Bible studies to ever think there’s nothing left of interest to me.

One of my biggest prayers for the women of South Bay is that we would be strong women rooted in the Word of God. We’d be like the person in Psalm 1 whose delight was in the law of the Lord and as a result, he became like a tree planted by streams of water. His leaves were always green. He bore fruit in every season. He wasn’t concerned about a drought or strong winds because his roots went down deep into living water. He was stable, grounded, and closely connected to the source.

That’s what I want for us.

May we be women who stay connected to God in every season, whether there’s a reading plan or not. May we keep pursuing God and opening our Bibles regardless of what else is going on in our lives.

Need some tools to get started? Check out these options:

  • Download the YouVersion app to your device. Tons of reading plans on there with a wide range of topics and time commitments.
  • She Reads Truth has a website and an app where you can join a community of women reading God’s Word together every day. They go through books of the Bible and include their own commentary for each day’s reading.
  • has a seemingly endless supply of great Bible studies for women. Read the descriptions and order one that feels like a good fit for you.
  • And, my personal favorite, Beth Moore. My mom got me hooked on Beth Moore Bible studies when I was in high school and my addiction is still going strong. If you’re up for a challenge, you should totally check one out. (And please make sure to tell me which one you do… ‘cause I’ve done that one too. And I loved it. So we could talk about it.)

No devotional-holes for us! We are women of the Word. Oaks of righteousness (Isaiah 61:3). Come what may, we are rooted in God’s Word.

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