Author: Erika Soto Personal Growth

Spoken Word: You are free

On July 4th, 1776, 13 colonies claimed independence from England. It led to the formation of what is now the United States of America. The Declaration of Independence was formed, a bunch of dudes in wigs signed it, and a hop skip and a jump here we are. There is more to that story obviously, but just go listen to the Hamilton Soundtrack for further details.

I am certain the first draft of The Declaration of Independence was full of contradictions, grammatical errors, and that it probably needed to be rewritten more than a dozen times. It probably wasn’t even perfect when it was signed but there was work to be done. There was a country to be built. There was a story to be written and none of that could have been accomplished if perfection was demanded first.

Do you see where I am going here? Our founding fathers wanted freedom for us. They didn’t care if the ground hadn’t been laid yet and they certainly weren’t interested in where it was at that moment. They saw what it could be. I cannot help but draw the parallel. When God sent Jesus down here we were a hot mess of humanity. We were not well. He didn’t wait for us to get better, instead He saw what we could be. He saw what we needed and what we needed was freedom. Freedom from our past and our mistakes. Freedom from frustration. Freedom from unforgiveness. Freedom from yesterday. Freedom from addiction. Freedom from pain. There is literally nothing outside His scope of practice. That encourages my heart to get up, to lean into Jesus, and to know Him better.

This has been on my heart so much this past year so I wrote a spoken word to share with you. My prayer that we would walk in this light, run in this truth, and REST in the freedom that God has called us into. We were once slaves, but now we are free. Amen?




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