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Serving God: Together

The meaning of our daughter’s name, Paige, is “assistant, servant, attendant” or “page to a lord.” To some women, that definition may sound pretty weak or lame. Like, “Come on, girl! You can do bigger things in life than be a servant.” But I tell you what, my prayer is that her life is defined by serving The Lord. Because that type of serving comes with limitless power and wholeness. That type of serving is a gift.

But I didn’t always see it that way. Serving used to feel like more of a duty or “add-on item” to my faith. I grew up going to church and knew my fair share about God, but somehow I had missed actually knowing Him. All that changed when we started attending South Bay Church five years ago. My eyes were opened to who God really is, and what He believes about me.

Serving became an invitation into deeper relationship with Him, so I jumped in. I helped in BayKids, welcomed guests at the Connection Center, co-led a humungo mom’s life group, and managed the editorial team for this beautiful blog you’re looking at right now (up until we moved to Nashville). With each of these roles, God taught me something new about His faithfulness and who He created me to be.

I started to recognize that God wants us to serve with Him, not just for Him. It’s no longer about what “I” can do, but what “we” can do. When I’m frazzled, He is steadfast. When I’m aimless, He brings purpose. And, when I’m feeling unseen or underappreciated he says, “We do this together, remember?”

Once I started serving with God, I noticed how He would replace my fears with His strength. He was not only using my life to spread His love, but He was also changing me from the inside. I remember trying to talk myself out of serving at the Connection Center because I was afraid I’d have to pray for a stranger. I’d never prayed for a stranger before. I took a bold step and volunteered, anyways. I think you know what happened that first Sunday: I PRAYED FOR A STRANGER. I was capable. I did a darn good prayer, too. He encouraged me like a loving Father does and said, “See? I’ll never ask you to do something you can’t.”

There are so many ways God is growing me up through serving, but most recently I’m noticing how He breaks my heart — and yours — uniquely, with a purpose. While He allows each of our hearts to break for different challenges of this world, He also equips us with the right gifts to allow His love to fill those specific cracks. He’s been showing me a new crack to fill lately. Next month, I go through training to love on moms who are in pregnancy crisis mode. I’m asking God to use me as a vessel of support and hope. I don’t know exactly what this will look like, and my heart is sure to get messy at times. I was talking to a much wiser mentor about this and I said, “It’s scary.” She had the best response; she said, “It should be. You need to need God.”

“Together” can be our serving anthem today. Let’s be willing to wander, hand-in-hand, with the One who deserves our trust and time. If you aren’t currently serving, pray about how God can use you, boldly. Not from a place of guilt or duty, but from a place of empowerment and a desire to be called deeper. And, if you’re already serving, re-invite God into that space. Ask Him to let the Spirit’s fire shine brightly so you can respond with obedience and affection. The song “Called Me Higher” by All Sons & Daughters has helped me pray through fears and surrendering all outcomes to God. I hope if you can listen to it now, you will.

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