Author: Kendall Hibiske Personal Growth

Pour it Out

I pulled up as far as I could until my tires hit the curb. The rain was steadily pelting my windshield and it was barely even light outside. I had a car full of gear to unload, and I knew I would have to make repeated trips to the car to carry everything. This was in the early days. We held church services in a public school, so it was pretty much BYO Everything. Set up began early, sometimes before the sun was even up.

As I sat there in my car with nothing but the sound of the rain and the windshield wipers, I looked at the distance I had to run to get to the door. I knew I’d get soaked, and honestly I didn’t want to do it. But one thought surged out of me. I was surprised by it because I said it out loud before I even saw it coming.

This is what I moved here for.

This is what I moved here for!

Tears started streaming down my face as I felt myself shift from hesitation into prayer, offering myself as a tool in the hands of God to build His kingdom.

I remembered again that vision, that calling that I said yes to. I moved here to pour myself out, to sacrifice, to leave it all on the field. I moved here to get up earlier on Sundays than I do any other day of the week so I can help prepare an environment for people in this community to hear from Jesus. Even in the rain.

That day, a man who had never been to church before might walk through those same doors. That day, a young adult who walked away from God because of pain in her life might walk back in. That day, a child who is neglected at home might show up find a place to belong and be loved. That day, someone’s life would be forever changed because Jesus would call their name.

I did get soaked that day. I was wet on the outside but the joy and the gratitude I felt in my heart was so great that it didn’t matter. Jesus is worth it. He’s worth inconvenience, He’s worth moving ahead in uncertainty and fear, He’s worth missing out on what the world offers. Jesus is worth giving away the lunch I was planning to eat when I see that homeless person. He is worth the afternoon I had planned to shop but my grieving friend needed someone to sit with. He’s worth signing my name on that check when I have no idea how I’m going to survive but I’m choosing to trust Him in faith.

Jesus is the only name that will never disappoint. He always keeps His promises and never waivers in His faithfulness to us. He paid the ultimate price and gave it all so we could have true and real peace with God.

What is in your hands that He is worthy of? When we pour it out for Jesus, on the other side of our sacrifice, there is more joy than we could have ever anticipated. He is worth it.

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