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Going First

FLASHBACK FAVORITE!  Here is one of our favorite posts from the past.  Enjoy!  (This post was originally published on 5/27/16).

First. I want to go first.

I know, it sounds sort of “gimme gimme,” but not for what I’m talking about. Lately, I’ve been noticing there are many small, but significant opportunities to put God’s love into motion if I’m willing to “go first.” I don’t have to look beyond a typical day to see there’s more He can do in and through me.
Going first may look different for each of us, but these opportunities came to mind:

I want to be the first to share about a personal struggle so my friends know they can do the same.

I want to strike up unlikely conversations at the playground and in the Kindergarten line.

I want to be the first to give a stranger a genuine “hello,” even if I’m not sure how they’ll receive it.

I want to initiate hard, but important conversations.

I want to be real with new mom friends and “expose” my real, messy life, even when there’s remnants of 5-year-old boy pee around the toilet.

I want to offer prayer to a friend before she asks for it.

I want to be the first to speak up and offer grace when it would be easier to gossip.

I want to take the initiative to ask a new friend to grab coffee.

I want to be the first to call myself out when I’m being a lunatic.

I want to initiate the “I’m sorries” so my kids see what it looks like to admit brokenness.

I also want to be the first to offer a hug and the last to end it.

All of these acts are so simple. And yet, it’s just as easy to go about my days not noticing or giving them a second thought. I have to choose a posture of readiness and urgency to DO SOMETHING. I can float through each day, only reacting to what’s happening around me, or I can be the one who intentionally pours out God’s love through the details and routines in my life. I want the latter, don’t you?

Friend, let’s pray this together: God, use me in my everyday life. Wake me up to the details. Let me notice those around me.
Help me go first.

What’s one way you can “go first” today? Please share in the Comments below!  

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