Author: Cherelle Posadas Personal Growth

God’s Spoken Word

God was speaking to me to lead. I didn’t know what, but I knew it had to do with starting with a Life Group. And this is where my journey of faith began. I came from being at home with my two children; I had lost that community of friendship as well as the connection and relationship with God. We were at a time in our lives when my husband and I really needed faith. During this time of struggle, I cried out to God that we needed Him in our lives again. This is when my sister came home and told us about South Bay. It’s been exactly a year since that happened. And as I moved forward in my journey of change, I felt the next step for me was to lead. God kept speaking to me to do so, but fear and doubt would cross my mind. Yet, it was the power of faith and my friendship with Syzette, who encouraged me and told me I had the potential to lead a Life Group.

This is when I partnered with Syzette and she guided me to co-lead my very own life group. She was our discussion leader and I added the creative element of my passion: hand-lettering. My love for this started when I was taught by my very first friend here at South Bay, Carrie. It was with her seed of faith and her teaching of hand-lettering that she planted in me to the very same passion.

When I was given this opportunity, I knew this was God speaking and working His power to show me that this was something I am so capable of doing. Leading a Life Group allowed me to dig into my Bible for the first time to really study these stories and find a connection to my own life. This experience opened my eyes to being vulnerable and being able to share something so valuable with a group of women who respected what we had to say and were attentive to learning from one another. There was no judgement; but love and friendship. It broke me out of my fear and doubt of change into being able to inspire others through creativity, connection, and words. Our focus during our meeting times was to seek one word from the stories, practice it, and speak about it. This is when I led the group in creating vision boards, as reminders of God’s spoken word through their hand-lettering. I wanted them to be reminded that the words they wrote and shared are valuable spoken words from God.

It only took my listening to the power of His Word to start something that I had once feared doing; but eventually gained the confidence I needed to do it. I believe we are given challenges in our lives for change. When you look at the word challenge and take out three of the letters in the middle, you get change. Allow yourself to be challenged by God, because along the way you will begin to feel and see how God uses you in your own journey to change, as I did co-leading my first life group.

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