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Eve’s Christmas – Spoken Word

Eve's Christmas - Spoken Word

I’ve been reading through “The Jesus Storybook Bible” with my 6 year old. The whole book is written as one long story from Adam and Eve, through Jesus’ birth, all the way to the end when He will come again to get us. But when we were reading through the story of creation and Eve’s temptation I saw it in a new light. God didn’t just end her story there….God rewrote her story. He rewrote her story through Mary. God could have sent Jesus down anyway He wanted to but He chose a women. He chose childbirth, the curse He spoke of to Eve. The pain would bring new life, the suffering would bring forward light, the struggle would birth love.

I imagine them both in Heaven. What a cool moment when they finally met. Did Eve thank Mary? Did Mary ask Eve why? I don’t know these answers but I know that they both paint such a picture of grace. They both are connected to you and I. So I wrote this word with this idea in mind. God didn’t send Jesus to us for ugly sweaters and festive music, He sent His only Son to be born to die. He sent down this baby to lead the way in truth and love. He knows where you have been and He is rewriting your story. May we remember this intently as we celebrate His birth. His birth brought us life.

Emmanuel, He is with us.

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