Author: Amanda Bartley

Caution May Not be Your Friend


Sometimes I’m a bit of a coward…or maybe just lazy. I know I’m not alone here. I realize that we all have moments when we choose to hold back or be more cautious than God planned for us to be. Why should I face the fear when it’s so much easier to be cautious? What’s the harm in being cautious?! The word “fear” describes all sorts of feelings ranging from dread, reverence, apprehension, and unpleasantness. The word “cautious” describes avoiding potential problems…sounds like a good plan, right?! Who doesn’t want to avoid problems?

The concept of courage has been on my mind a lot lately. As I’ve made choices toward courage, I’m not sure I’ve truly been facing fears though…more like unpleasantness and moments of being outside of my comfort-zone.

On Sunday, Pastor David continued with the story of Joshua and how he needed to step over his fear in order to get to the blessing that God had for him and the Israelites. As I reflect on the steps that brought Joshua from a Weary, Fear-filled Camp on one side of the Jordan River, through the decisions to obey and trust God…on to the blessings & rest on the other side of the River – I can’t help but wonder how my struggles to move out of my comfort-zone compare to Joshua in this part of the story.

I am currently embarking on a new journey and I am LOVING it! I recently became a distributor selling makeup and skincare. Like I said…new for me, which is definitely expanding my comfort-zone. This opportunity was presented to me as a result of a series of choices to obey God. As a single-mom, this new journey has been a blessing, however, one of the things I’ve struggled to embrace and fully allow inside my zone of comfort is to consistently offer the opportunity to others. When I ask myself “why” this simple thing is a struggle, I can come up with a few excuses. In contemplating “why” I should – face this struggle, step over it and do it anyway – several valid reasons come to mind.

I’m sure Joshua weighed several valid reasons to obey God’s command against his own excuses as well. What stands out to me in Joshua’s story (like many other great people in the Bible), is that his choice to obey & step over his fear did not just benefit him or his immediate family. It benefited all of the Israelites and their generations to come. When I choose to hold back in this area of my life, I’m not just holding myself back. There are women & men, families, generations to come that are being held back as well.

What area of your life could God use to bless others if you would just step over your fear and expand your comfort-zone? How are you letting caution hold you back?

If you missed last weekend’s message or would like to hear it again, you can listen here.

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