About Breathe

Becoming the woman you were created to be is not going to happen on accident. We need each other.


God has a unique and significant plan for your life. He designed your personality, fitted you with talents, and breathed passion into your heart. There is a bold and courageous version of you that feels fully alive when you are living out this purpose.

But life has a way of throwing every set back and discouraging possibility in our faces whenever we muster up the strength to really go for it. So we tend to cower behind a safer version of ourselves, desperately trying not to lose ground instead of attempting to take new ground.

As women, making progress can feel like an uphill climb. We are inundated with the value society places on our reflection in the mirror. There’s massive confusion and controversy surrounding the role of women, both in the Church and in culture at large. It can be difficult to navigate the unique combination of strength and tenderness that we possess. Many women live with seemingly conflicting desires to be good keepers of our homes while still making a significant contribution outside of our homes.

Becoming the woman you were created to be is not going to happen on accident.

Breathe is designed to connect women through faith and friendship so we can become all who God has created us to be. We want to equip you for the journey, with tools to take you there and stories to keep you company along the way.



STACIE WOOD – Lead Visionary
KATHY STUESSER – Editorial Lead
SYZETTE GOUNTANG – Social Media & Marketing

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