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Long Lasting Red Lip

Wearing red lipstick is bold, classy, and fun. Here I share how to wear a long lasting red lip.

What you’ll need:

•  Concealer
•  Concealer brush
•  Red lip liner
•  Lip brush
•  Red lipstick
•  Red lipgloss (optional)

1. Prep your lips by moisturizing and adding concealer to your lip creating a canvas.

2. Line your lips starting from the outer corners to the middle. As you work from the outside in, fill the entire lip. Your lips will already be full of color, but don’t stop there because there is another step!

3. Using your choice of red lipstick, apply it on top of the liner all over your lip.  You can also use a lip brush for a more precise application.

4. Practice makes perfect. Sometimes color smudges outside of the lip line. Simply use concealer and a concealer brush to clean up excess color.

Here is the finished look: a nice, matte red lip.

For more pop, you can add a lip gloss. It adds a shiny finish.

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